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From the 23.rd of July to the of August TT-gymnastics is closed because of the Summer Vacation.

You may keep placing your orders so we can immediately send them to you from the of August onwards.

We wish you a Great Summer Vacation!


The history of our company.

BLEYER OHG was founded in 1954 and dealt from the beginning with gymnastics shoes in different designs, both for gymnastics, floor exercises and the general school gymnastics. From the newly founded company with 4 people, to a global specialty sports shoe factory with a regular place in Herford and manufacturing facilities in Saxony, Italy, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Bulgaria and acquisitions in Asia.

BLEYER devoted exclusively to the production of special sports shoes and has become a leader in the sector for the following disciplines: rhythmic gymnastics, artistic cycling, equestrian vaulting, acrobatics, rock'n'roll, boogie woogie, top ballet, ballet training. BLEYER products are known worldwide. BLEYER manufactures the shoes of the national champion, world champion and Olympic champion / participants in many disciplines.

The distribution of BLEYER shoes made ​​exclusively through retailers, like TT-Gymnastics. The Bleyer shoes can be bought through our webshop.

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